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Special Products

We are thoroughly used to planning, designing and realizing special, unique and innovative cylinders. This was already standard operating procedure in the sixties, with the products that made our reputation: over time, their maximum expression developed into the realization of custom-designed products for special purposes.

Moreover, we are not just sub-suppliers for the companies that order custom-designed products: we collaborate with them from the very start, offering suggestions and developing the idea into a prototype and then adapting it for batch production. The company has a dedicated space for co-working on these projects, so that all the actors involved can intervene promptly: planners, designers and operators. Developing a custom product in partnership allows us to find the right balance between functionality and price while keeping the quality level high.

Custom-designed cylinders can also be realized in smaller quantities, and can be personalized on both the keys and the cylinder surface.

We try to satisfy every need involving a cylinder, within the limits of mechanical possibility. To give you a clearer picture of how we work, here below we’d like to illustrate some success stories not covered by industrial secrecy agreements.

Application sectors

Nautical sector
Automotive sector
Railway sector
Post office / gas / electricity sector
Handles / cremone bolt
Different industrial applications

Speciali 2

Special product : Postal Sector

Speciali 1

Special product : Nautical Sector

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